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A response to the Death of HB 602

Friends, Texans, craft beer lovers indulge me for a moment.


While the anger and frustration we all feel at the loss of HB602 is more than justified, we need to organize our ire and direct our energies towards the positive. Reacting against state Senators is certainly a tempting option, but I believe working towards educating politicians and Texas beer drinkers to appreciate the local craft beer available in our state and the economic benefits gained in supporting Texas based industry will do far more for our cause.


Yes, on Thursday, May 26th, I did make a few angry phone calls myself, but in hindsight, I realize a better plan of action would be to sit down with my state Senator, buy him or her a Texas brewed craft beer and explain my position.


We have two years of time before the Texas Legislature returns to session, and I propose rather than martyr ourselves and further isolate ourselves from other beer drinkers, we should make use of this time by sharing a beer with someone who might dismiss us as "beer snobs".


I urge you to not see the end of HB602 as a resounding defeat, but instead accept the challenge of thinking local and encouraging others, even non-beer drinkers, to see how supporting the craft beer industry is a way to promote the great state of Texas.


Ultimately, this fight goes beyond a good pint and encourages us to buy local to boost our own economy. Along with shopping local and eating local, persuade others to drink local and we can start making the change that will force legislators to see how our Texas industries can do more for our state than outside, foreign corporations with deep pockets and ulterior motives.


Buying Texas born and brewed beer keeps our money in our economy.


-Clif Wigington



About the Texas Beer Fest & the Craft Brewing Revolutionary Guard

First, no beer has been donated. We are buying all the beer we are selling at the fest. We are serious about supporting our Texas Breweries and thus are NOT expecting breweries to donate their product.


The Texas Beer Fest (a non-profit company) idea was created by Texans, for Texans, to promote the idea that beer is a craft, not a mass-produced tasteless product touted by professional salesmen. So the first company we created, an LLC, we named the Craft Brewing Revolutionary Guard, as our goal is to support the craft brewing 'revolution' (fist up).

We are by no means a large company with endless resources. We are a small group of dedicated individuals trying to promote craft brewing and the local Texas economy.
The purpose of the C.B.R.G. is to promote the local (and to celebrate the national) craft brewers and to thus support our own economy. To buy beer from your neighbor will in turn promote the economy you live in.



The CBRG hopes to continue the craft beer revolution, and we are always happy to recruit those interested in the fight. Let us know of craft beer events, volunteer at our parties, or even just ask your local bar to carry more local beer.



Contact us:

General inquiries - [email protected]

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