Save the Date Texas Beer Festival May 7, 2011 Humble Convention Center Arena Humble, TexasTexas Beer FestivalTravel In Style to Texas Beer Fest


Q: Why?!?

A: Texas has so many great beers, that we want to support those brewers who are creating great beer, instead of the mass-produced factory product we see for sale on TV and Radio.


Q: Where?

A: Humble Civic Center Arena: a covered arena (means no rain out!!) just east of Bush International Airport (which means easy for travelers,
and a crazy number of hotels in the area!) 8233 Will Clayton Parkway, Humble TX 77338


Q: I have kids, can I bring them?

A: Nope. this festival will be 21 and up, because frankly, the TABC has guns.


Q: Will all the beer be free?!?!

A: Haha, we wish!! Because we want the festival to last longer than a couple hours, we will need to charge per beer. Thus, there is no incentive to drink more than you want to, which makes the TABC happy (see above). Your gate ticket will include 12x 2oz beer tickets.


Q: How do I buy beer and food?

A: With the $1 booth tickets. Pay for food or drink with the booth tickets.


Q: Is the formula for an isosceles triangle: A squared + B squared = C squared? A: You’re thinking of a ‘right’ triangle.


Q: What do you want to see changed in the beer culture in Texas?

A: We would like to see a strong support of our local brewers and national craft beer as opposed to blind control of beers sales controlled by mega-corporations that promote their beer through mass media coverage and contracts with grocery stores rather than any basis of sales based on flavor.


Q: How can I check my lottery results while at the festival?

A: Easy, just open from your mobile phone to see the latest lottery results.


Q: There are a ton of hotels in the area. Do any offer discounts for beer fest visitors?

A: Plenty! Just look on our 'travel' page and check out the hotels that are already offering discounts.


Q: Whom will much of the proceeds benefit?

A: Houston Food Bank!


Houston Food Bank